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About Me.
Professional Fandom lurker for 11 years and counting. I lurk no longer! Fangirl 14 years and counting. I'm working on being a more proactive fangirl. I'm a forever college student. (Ask me how many times I've changed my major.) Any fanfic that I post will remain unlocked unless stated otherwise. Feel free to friend me for the fanfiction updates, but comment if you want me to friend back.
Friends only, but that is just because my crazy family also lurks about on the interwebs and they *really* don’t need to see how I spend my free time. Comment to be Added. Say Hi/Add me on twitter! I'm getting better at remembering that I have one.
I'm really interested in psychology, neuroscience, health education, nursing, and social justice. Fandomwise, I love almost everything because I’m very easily susceptible to the general hivemind. I join fandoms both peacefully and kicking and screaming. I can think that I’ve made a complete list about all of my loves—and then someone will be like ‘but what about_____?’ and then I have to add it too.
 A partial list of stuff that I do love/have loved/will love again:
Harry Potter, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, J2 RPS, Merlin, Generation Kill, Leverage,Inception, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Happy Endings, Hawaii Five-0, Community, X-Men:First Class,Rookie Blue, Suits, Revenge, New Girl, Sherlock BBC, Parenthood, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, Sleepy Hollow, Parenthood, BOOKS (YA and otherwise).
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